"If you already Like oa cheddar, then
you're going to love the Brand New feta!
"Hear what others are saying about OA Feta 55"
-Gabe Strom
Co-Founder OACheddar.com
The OA Cheddar list has been our go to list in scaling our business.

This is especially true as we buy replenishable products.  It is so good we cancelled our subscription to two other lists.

The results have been that we have scaled and our team is buying more quality items that sell faster with lower storage fees.

We have gone from $40K of sales in February to $80K plus in May!

Thanks guys!  
- Ralph Cochran, Pennsylvania
The OA Cheddar lead list has helped me scale my business drastically!

Before getting on the list last October, I couldn’t break over the $10K month mark. I just wasn’t finding enough leads on my own to buy enough to hit that kind of number. 

Last month, I hit my first month (outside of December) with over $22K in sales. $18K worth of those sales were from products either on the lead list or from rabbit holes I followed because of those leads.

My profit from just the Cheddar products was over $4,300 for that month (after taking out buy cost and Amazon fees). 

After being on this list, I can’t imagine going back to having to find these kinds of leads on my own. It has become a necessary part of scaling my business to the next level.

Thank you Team Cheddar!
- Meghan Nakamura, Virginia
All lead lists are not created equal!

If you have done any research at all, you know this. There are a lot of thin margined, overpopulated lists out there that “lead” you to nothing more than shame and regret. Lol!

The Cheddar list is definitely one of the best I have ever encountered. I can say with great confidence that it is diverse and deep enough to satisfy the buying/selling strategies of beginners and experts alike.

It pays for itself within the first couple days of the month. Then it makes you piles of Cheddar! Huge time saver, and money maker.

Time to level up. Come get some! 

- Paul Secord, Tennessee 

How is OA Feta Different than the Original OA Cheddar?
(Great question, Glad you asked)
Normally in order for a Lead to Qualify for our flagship "OA Cheddar 55 List" it must Meet our Strict Cheddar Standard.
The Cheddar Standard:
   - 40%+ ROI
   -Min $4 Profit / Item
   - Min 10X Selling / Month
   - The Expert Eye Test

And until now, when a lead didn't meet ALL 4 of the Cheddar Standard's, we've been removing it from the OA Cheddar list, and placing it in the OA Feta Archives.  

Until now;)

"The OA Feta" has the leads that don't make the OA Cheddar List, but still have good meat on the bone.

So think of "OA Feta 55" as the Perfect Add-On-List for those who are already happily subscribed to "OA Cheddar" and are hungry for more!
Real Life Product Examples
Example #1:  ROI
Some of the fantastic leads that are regularly disqualified from OA Cheddar 55 are leads with an ROI of less than 40%. 

So, let’s say we have a fast turning lead with a $10 profit, but only a 35% ROI. This lead will be disqualified from Cheddar 55 because of the ROI (not being 40%).

Now, does this make it a bad lead? Of course not.  Even a fast turning lead with a $20 net profit but less than 40% ROI will NOT make the Cheddar list. 

So think of this list as "Little Brother" to OA Cheddar. Still valuable leads to add to your inventory.
Real Life Product Examples
Example #2:  Net Profit
Some of our FASTEST turning online arbitrage leads only fall short of the $4.00 minimum profit Cheddar standard.

For example, a lead that comes with a 100% ROI and 100 sales per month, but only has a $3.00 net profit will NOT make the Cheddar list.

Is this a bad lead? Of course not. It just doesn't align with our Cheddar Standards.   As seasoned sellers, we know this lead is still good, and worth buying.

Real Life Product Examples
Example #3: 
The Seller Eye Test
We have also opened up more opportunities with OA Feta 55 by loosening our “seller eye-test” requirements.

For "OA Cheddar", if a lead lacks at least 90 days of consistent and reliable sales history, it will be disqualified from the list.

Does this mean the lead is not a valid opportunity? Not necessarily, especially if you are a seasoned seller with experience with higher risk flips.

Maybe the product is brand new to the market.

Or maybe, the item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, which can become an increasingly profitable lead over time as inventory levels continue to sell out.  Point is there are lot's of quality leads on this list when you know how to source.
Think of OA Feta as OA Cheddar's cool little brother :)
Why do we Limit the List to Only 55 Sellers?
Because less people on a list means more profit for you:)
This is why we limit our lead lists to a maximum of 55 subscribers.  This ensures our leads are exclusive to this list of 55, which protects the leads, and protects you.

This creates a win/win for everyone!
OA Feta 55 is brought to you by the same awesome people who bring you OA Cheddar.
Subscribing to "OA Feta 55" is like hiring your own personal team of OA experts, WITHOUT all the headaches that comes with interviewing, hiring, training and managing a team of your own.

Our Team is Your Team!
We Invest in our SystemS, so you benefit! 
We invest heavily in our industries leading education, software, tools and people to produce "OA Feta 55" so you can stay focused on growing your business! 
The Feta
Fresh Daily Leads: 
7-10+ daily high quality leads (+) bonus leads
20%+  ROI or higher
Net Profit:
$2.00 Net Profit / Item or higher
Rank/Sale Velocity:
Estimated 10+ Sales / Month / Item (same as OA Cheddar)
Expert Eye Test:
Passes the Seller Eye Test (30-60 day sales history)

100% Peace of Mind Guarantee:

No long term contracts, Cancel Anytime, However
No Refunds for Any Current Month of Service, because we pay our team first, and this guarantees high quality service.
 Genuine requests will be honored, so sleep easy.

At the end of the day, we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, because when you win, we all win, and our team is 100% committed to providing you the very best leads in our industry. 

How's this for a 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee!
New to Selling on Amazon?
If you're brand new to selling on Amazon we  recommend you start with OA Cheddar.

Why?  Because if you're brand new, then you're better off starting with our flagship list, OA Cheddar, and then when you're ready, upgrading to OA Feta as an additional list.

OA Feta is best recommended for Intermediate to Advance Amazon Sellers who know what they're doing.
Professionally Vetted Leads
Our Top 150 leads must pass the expert eye test. Meaning each day an advanced seller reviews every leads to determine with a reasonable amount of promise, that the lead will remain profitable into the foreseeable future. 

Contact Us:

We're real people, so if you need anything just send us an email to support@OACheddar.com, and we'll be happy to get back to you!
Save time, make money!
THIS is why we created the OA Feta 55. As you can see, the Feta standard is less strict than our Cheddar standard, but in many cases, not off by far. We’ve simply grown tired of pushing valuable inventory opportunities to the side simply because they fall short on JUST ONE of our Cheddar standards, and are making them available to you!
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